Welcome Team

Being the first contact for newcomers to Gracepoint Minneapolis and providing a smiling face, a warm greeting and helping to make connections with each person who comes through our doors.

  • Greet new and regular attendees with a warm welcome
  • Answer questions and provide info cards
  • Introduce new attendees to our church family
Commitment & Schedule
  • 1 hour per Sunday.
  • 1 hour per Bible Study (if on campus)
  • Occassional 15-30 minute huddles
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Your memory (remembering people's names and basic info)!


Creative Team

Foster more memorable and experiential sermons and bible studies

  • brainstorm, construct, and set up creative elements at church -- such as stage decor, lights, art, and mementos
Commitment & Schedule
  • 1-2 hrs per sunday morning to set up before service
  • Friday set up meets as needed
  • Weekly brainstorm and worknights as needed.
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Acquire practical stage and technical skills


Food Team

Create a home away from home with delicious food & drinks, so real connections can happen.

  • Set-up the cafe area & brew good coffee
  • Prepare appetizers for post service time & for special events
Commitment & Schedule
  • Fridays Class Meetings - 5pm - Food prep for by-class meetings
  • Sundays Post Service Food - 10a-11:30a - Check in with Hospitality Lead
  • Sundays Cafe - 11a-11:30a - Check in with Cafe set-up Lead
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Make delicious food
  • Food presentation skills
  • Make good coffee
  • Become a great host


Publications Team

create engaging and effective designs to capture attention of student audience and to let others know what's happening at our group

  • Clearly communicate crucial information about our weekly and special events through all forms of paper and web designs
  • Being mindful about creative ways to reach student audience with captivating design
Commitment & Schedule
  • Be open-minded regarding feedback and improvement on designs
  • 2 unscheduled hours biweekly to work on designs
  • Participate in weekly or biweekly publication meetings Sunday after service for 30 minutes
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Proficiency in photoshop, illustrator, and/or other equivalent software
  • Some background in design is helpful but not necessary


Sound Team

Be the first in and last out at our group events, to build and takedown creative a/v and technical systems to support our events that are seamless and problem-free.

  • Provide a/v technical solutions for our events
  • Setup and takedown technical systems at our events
  • Maintain a/v equipment
  • Seek opportunities to improve our a/v systems and technical solutions
Commitment & Schedule
  • 1.5 Hours each Sunday
  • 1 Hour / Bible Study (if large group)
  • Be available to own smaller technical events (i.e. LG, ECM, etc.)
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Planning and organization
  • Problem solving and trouble-shooting
  • Dealing with pressure situations
  • A/V and technical systems


Video Team

Produce videos and photos for ministry special events, websites, and social media

  • Produce, edit, and publish video content
  • Take and edit photos for events
  • Revise and update past video projects
  • Assist in handling cameras to film footage for various projects
Commitment & Schedule
  • Based on video needs: 2-3 hours per week on video project (if there are any)
  • 30 Minutes every week to take and process photos
  • Participate in 30 min Video Team Planning Media via Google Hangout
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Experience in handling DSLRs and audio recording equipment
  • Cinematography skills, visual storytelling
  • Video editing software (Premiere, iMovie, Final Cut, etc.)
  • Photo editing software (Lightroom)
  • Video production process


Web Team

Help maintain, update, and improve our ministry site (A2F or IUSM) to ensure our viewers have a positive user experience and are up to date with the latest ministry information. Ensure a welcoming presence to new and old attendees.

  • Update schedule and information on site.
  • Update web graphics according to upcoming events.
  • Assist in maintaining other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr
  • Finding ways to improve and expand the ministries' web presence
Commitment & Schedule
  • A total of 30-45 min each week of unscheduled time
  • Maintain ministry websites and social channels
  • Participate in biweekly planning meetings
Skills & Experience Developed
  • Web marketing, design, copywriting
  • Develop Proficiency in Squarespace application, social media operations, Photoshop
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