APOLOGETICS TRAINING Read up on articles, watch videos, or lsiten to podcasts. There are a ton of great material out there to help us prepare ourselves to evangelize as well as defend our faith. Click here for suggested material.

READ A BOOK ON CHRISTIAN LIVING One of the best ways to train up our mind is to gather wisdom on how to live out our faith. We have some recommended books from scholars, speakers, and pastors that will help us do just that! Click here for a list of recommended books.

READ A CHRISTIAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY Get inspired through reading about those who have gone before us like Chuck Colson, C.T. Studd, and Corrie Ten Boom among others. Click here for a list of recommended books.

REVIEW COURSE 101 Maybe it has been a while since you have gone through Course 101 and want a refresher, or maybe you want to review it so that you can teach it to someone else this year!

READ THE BIBLE You can't go wrong with going straight to God's word. You can:

  • Do a book bible study
  • Go through the entire Old Testament
  • Go through the entire New Testament
  • Read the whole bible!
  • Read the Gospels
  • Study the life of one person in the bible
  • Read bible commentary


GO ON A PRAYER WALK Grab a friend or friends and go on a prayer walk on campus! Pray for each other, for the school, for your friends, or even the incoming students.

MEMORIZE BIBLE VERSES Click here for a list of verses you can start with. Feel free to memorize more! 

DO DAILY DEVOTIONS Whether alone or meeting with others, spend unhurried and undivided time with God each day.

SMALL GROUPS Meet together once a week or several times a week to:

  • Grab a meal together
  • Share with one another
  • Pray for one another
  • Make memories together


PHYSICAL EXERCISE The snow is gone, no better time to get outside and exercise! 

LEARN A NEW INSTRUMENT If you ever wanted to learn a new instrument or practice one that you haven't played in a while, summer is the perfect time to do so!

  • Take classes/lessons
  • Practice with online videos
  • Seek out a friend or praise band member
  • Jam session with others

VISIT A NURSING HOME It is a good way to share God's love and serve people in need. Talk to your staff for information on nursing homes that we visit.

LEARN TO COOK Be a master chef and be able to cook meals for a couple of friends, a small group, or maybe even an entire church! You can:

  • Learn one dish a week
  • Commit to cooking for your housemates one night out of the week
  • Replace eating out or buying lunch with homemade meals
  • For recipe ideas,

SERVE YOUR FAMILY/ROOMMATES Commit to acts of service and love to whoever you will be with this summer. Whether it is roommates here at the U, or family back home. You can:

  • Wash the family car
  • Do yardwork
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the garage
  • Clean the entire house!
  • Do the laundry
  • Wash the dishes
  • Reorganize the pantry