This year, we wanted to give each team a chance to design their own team logo to go with their team names! You can use Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, draw with pen and paper, watercolor, whatever you like! If you are interested in creating a logo, send a square JPG, PDF or PSD file (500px x 500px or 2in x 2in is recommended). 

Once you are done, you can send your final logo design to Jon Fu, and feel free to share them below.

We also wanted to spell out a couple of other details for you as well:


If you have pictures or videos that you would like to share with others, feel free to post them in the comments section of any of our blog posts. Otherwise, you can e-mail them to Jon as well.


If you want to share a picture of video via Instagram, use the hashtag #crosstrainingMN so that we can gather all of the summer's pictures together! Or you can mention @a2fminnesota or @iusmumn, and we'll feature your picture on our accounts.