Christian Autobiographies/Biographies

Born Again – Charles Colson

In 1974 Charles W. Colson pleaded guilty to Watergate-related offenses and, after a tumultuous investigation, served seven months in prison. In his search for meaning and purpose in the face of the Watergate scandal, Colson penned Born Again. This unforgettable memoir shows a man who, seeking fulfillment in success and power, found it, paradoxically, in national disgrace and prison. In more than three decades since its initial publication, Born Again has brought hope and encouragement to millions. This remarkable story of new life continues to influence lives around the world.


C.T. Studd – Janet Benge

Serving in China, India, and finally Central Africa, C.T. Studd was the first missionary to reach numerous tribes deep in the Congo. Together with the mission he founded, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, this man who refused to retreat opened a way for Africans to hear the gospel for years to come.


D.L. Moody – Janet Benge

Seventeen-year-old Dwight Lyman Moody changed his name, moved to Boston, and began pursuing dreams of becoming a wealthy businessman. But God had other plans for him. Instead of business, evangelism was to be his life’s work. D.L. devoted his life to proclaiming the gospel, serving the poor, and mentoring fellow ministers. A leader of great vision, D. L. Moody served his fellow man through Civil War outreach, his Sunday school and church, and revival campaigns in America and abroad. His passion for bringing souls to Christ continues to be felt today in Christian education and ministry everywhere.


Eric Liddell – Janet & Geoff Benge

Eric’s refusal earlier that week to run on Sunday in the Olympic 100-meter race had stunned the world. Now his incredible victory in the 400-meter race further strengthened his belief in God’s promise, “He who honors Me, I will honor.” Years later, Eric Liddell would be tested far beyond mere physical ability as a missionary to China. His character, perseverance and endurance are a challenging example for all who would obey the call to bring the gospel to the nations.


Gladys Alyward: The Little Woman – Gladys Alyward

A solitary woman. A foreign country. An unknown language. An impossible dream? No. With no mission board to support or guide her and less than ten dollars in her pocket, Gladys Aylward left her home in England to answer God’s call to take the message of the gospel to China. With the Sino-Japanese War waging around her, she struggled to bring the basics of life and the fullness of God to orphaned children. Time after time, God triumphed over impossible situations, and drew people to Himself. The Little Woman tells the story of one woman’s determination to serve God at any cost.


Hiding Place – Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom was a leader in the Dutch Underground during WWII. With the aid of her family, she hid scores of Jews from the Nazi invaders. She was arrested along with every member of her family, spending the remaining war years in concentration camps. Here is a book aglow with the glory of God and the courage of a quiet Christian spinster whose life was transformed by it. A story of Christ’s message and the courageous woman who listened and lived to pass it along — with joy and triumph!


Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret  – Howard Taylor

J. Hudson Taylor was truly God’s chosen servant. From his early life in England, through the founding of the China Inland Mission, to reaching millions of Chinese, his life of faith gives glorious testimony to God. His spiritual secret could change your life.


Living Fellowship; Living Sacrifice; Living Holiness; Living Faith – Helen Roseveare

Dr. Helen Roseveare has a led an exciting life, dealing with human beings in the depths of their despair – and at their most joyous. Her ‘Living…’ series tells stories of faith from her experiences that help us understand its role in our lives – and how to strengthen it.


No Compromise – Melody Green

Now you can experience the impact of Keith Green’s life, courage and commitment to holiness. Keith was a man who lived on the edge of eternity. And he was ready to step into it. Even if you’ve never heard his songs, it’s time to hear his powerful message of life.


Shadow of the Almighty – Elisabeth Elliot

Shadow of the Almighty mainly consists of letters and journal entries Jim wrote while at college and while preparing and serving on the mission field. It is a great example, not of a perfect man, but of a man who wanted to live his life fully for Christ, no matter what the cost. The main message is that to know Christ is to obey him, and that Christ is worth laying down anything and everything for. Thus, Jim’s famous words: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”